Rocky River

Water Conditions for Rocky River near Berea, OH, courtesy of USGS:


Water Flow






4 Responses to Rocky River

  1. Rick Morris says:

    I am new to steelhead fishing. How far south on the Rocky River can steelhead be caught? Berea, Strongsville? Thanks for any help you might be to give.

    • Hi Rick,
      I haven’t really explored the Rocky River that far, but it’s certainly worth casting a rod in the water if you’re that close to it. You may wish to talk to the guys at the Rodmakers Shoppe; they will likely have better insight on fishing in that area.
      What kind of rig are you using to fish?
      Tight Lines,

  2. Rick Morris says:

    Thanks for the reply. I talked to the guys at the Shoppe and they told me there is a dam in Olmsted Falls that the fish cannot get by so I would not see steelhead past there. I went today in Olmsted, North Olmsted by Shepard Lane, across from the nature center. I was using 1/8 jigs (tried different colors), a pencil bobber, and live wax worms. I tried to find maggots but live bait appears to be in short supply this time of year. There was still ice on some of the river. I didn’t know a thing about the place but I think I found some deep holes and I found out I can get to them. I didn’t get a hit in 3 hours. Good thing MickyD’S had 2 filet-o-fish for $4. Thanks again for your reply. Steelhead fishing appears to be a challenge, kinda like musky fishing.

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