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I am a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. I enjoy playing mainly guitar, uilleann bagpipes, and keyboard. I am a student of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and a Stephen R. Lawhead fan. My wife and I are gamers, and enjoy playing Lord of the Rings Online. When I am not spending time with my loving wife and wonderful son, I am on the river fly fishing, my favorite sport. I especially enjoy fly fishing for steelhead, the fish of a thousand casts.

How to keep your head up in the hobby of fly fishing that is filled with jealousy and competitiveness (Fly Fishing is awesome why be so uptight?)

I know I haven’t posted in a while, as things have been a little crazy, but I had to share this. Don’t let others dictate your success. Get out there and enjoy yourselves, and be safe. Advertisements

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Fly tying: Getting ready while conditions are off

With recent flooding conditions due to rain and snowmelt, I’m anticipating a fresh run of steelhead.  Unfortunately, conditions are still too off for my liking, which presents a good opportunity to tie some flies. I have really taken to this … Continue reading

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Exploring North Chagrin Reservation

I have spent considerable time exploring the upper portions of the Rocky River.  It has been fun, but I need to expand my knowledge and experience by exploring other waters.  There are quite a few streams to explore in Northeast … Continue reading

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Skunked: Fish of a thousand casts

The 2013 steelhead season is upon us!  Lots of new flies to try, lots of water to explore, and yes, lots of time to devote to the river.  This is the fish of a thousand casts, and sometimes, we get … Continue reading

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Where “firsts” are found in several forms

  New Year’s Day.  The first day of the year would be an auspicious occasion in which my first steelhead was landed (though it was the fourth that I hooked into).  It is also the first chromer of the year … Continue reading

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In which I think I am going to have a Christmas Eve to myself on the river . . .

Erp, nope.  Not at all.  This is what happened. I arrived at the Emerald Marina during the grey twilight the dawn of Christmas Eve, and only saw one other truck.  Good, I have this river to myself! I thought to … Continue reading

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Tight lines the day before Christmas Eve

I got up this morning at 5:30, crammed some oatmeal and eggs down my throat, grabbed some coffee in a thermos, and my gear, and rushed out the door so I could hit the Rocky River at first light.  I … Continue reading

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