Nokia Lumia 900 Review

An hour spent fishing adds a day to your life.

My uncle wrote this to me in a letter once, and it is a true statement. It is true because fishing awakens within oneself a God-given drive to connect with the world. The fly-fisherman practices his or her craft not just to fish, but to connect with nature, the river and its inhabitants; to connect with the surrounding environment, and with people to whom tales of fishing are told (true and contrived), is the fly-fisherman’s life. One may prove such tales with pictures, or fashion a tale that anyone would believe. In the Western parts of the United States, this is a fancy way of saying “B.S.”, and it is a fine craft, one which my father is an expert of. Whether the stories are true or made-up matters not; the point is that people are connecting with each other and with the sport. When I am fly fishing, I always have a phone on me for safety. One of the things I have been looking for as a means of connecting, is a device that will serve not just as a phone, but as a camera, a GPS map device, a journal to log my successes, and a tool for checking the weather. What is important is that this is one device, and not several devices occupying different pockets in my fishing vest or coat, so I don’t wind up fumbling around my pockets for the particular device I am looking for. The Nokia Lumia 900 serves as this device quite handsomely, and helps me to achieve that connection. First Impressions: The Camera!

I was highly, highly impressed with the camera. I cannot stress this enough. I am not going to go into the specs, but I will say the Nokia Camera and Camera Extras apps are very intuitive, and very well put together. I took the device out to the South Chagrin Reservation in Ohio with my wife and son, pictured above.  I was impressed with the rich color and automatic focus and exposure.  One can change the exposure and ISO settings, and take advantage of the presets using Camera Extras to take high-speed action shots.   The macro focus was also impressive, which I will cover in a different article.  Here are some photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Panorama feature is super-slick.  Pretty much it is touch the screen and move the camera in the direction it tells you and that’s it.  As you can see in the above slides, it looks fantastic!  I was utterly amazed.  Below is a captured video from about 30 yards away using the video function; my videographer was a little too frightened to get any closer to the water. :\

Navigation is easily performed with Nokia Maps for safe, handsfree navigation.  It will also download your map onto the device so that you can do offline hikes easily, which is very important for planning routes.  The Nokia Marketplace offers a Weather Channel app to help determine what the weather will be like for an upcoming trip.

Regarding geotagging notes and photos, I found Evernote to be quite suitable.  This is useful to me for jotting down where fish were caught, fly type and color used, water and weather conditions, size of the fish and attach a picture.  It is very useful to enter quick notes, and as you can see in the video, templates can be pinned for quick and easy access.  From there, sharing is as simple as logging onto Facebook or WordPress and copying and pasting the entry from Evernote.

Overall, I found the experience with the Lumia 900 very satisfying and useful.  I would like to thank the folks at Nokia Connects for the opportunity to review the phone, and would heartily encourage people to consider buying a Nokia for their next smartphone device.


About Justin Rosander

I am a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. I enjoy playing mainly guitar, uilleann bagpipes, and keyboard. I am a student of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and a Stephen R. Lawhead fan. My wife and I are gamers, and enjoy playing Lord of the Rings Online. When I am not spending time with my loving wife and wonderful son, I am on the river fly fishing, my favorite sport. I especially enjoy fly fishing for steelhead, the fish of a thousand casts.
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