In How I Discover to Employ Fly Fishing as Cardio

As a strapping young man moving into his prime, I have a concern about my overall health. I try to eat smart, but exercise is something that I have long been allergic to, owing to the hazing I went through during gym class in middle school. I took up weightlifting and cardio a couple years ago in an attempt to get over those apprehensions, and to get myself back in shape. Things have paid off well for myself as I’ve finally put myself within a normal weight range. I had been well under that range for many years, and had been known for pretty much eating whatever the heck I want without really gaining a single ounce. I’m getting older now, so I can’t really down a whole large pizza in the middle of the night like I used to during college.

Curious about how I could qualify fly-fishing as cardio, I did a Google search on the topic and found this handy little tool:

With my weight at 197 and my average time spent fly fishing being at about 4 hours, that puts my Calories Burned at 2,007! No wonder I feel wiped out after a good amount of time on the river! This certainly presents the case for a need of a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast before an outing, not to mention the need for a bag lunch & snacks for a little “recharge”.


About Justin Rosander

I am a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. I enjoy playing mainly guitar, uilleann bagpipes, and keyboard. I am a student of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and a Stephen R. Lawhead fan. My wife and I are gamers, and enjoy playing Lord of the Rings Online. When I am not spending time with my loving wife and wonderful son, I am on the river fly fishing, my favorite sport. I especially enjoy fly fishing for steelhead, the fish of a thousand casts.
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